SheTrades Global

17. - 19.10.2021 Dubai

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October 17 - 19, 2021
Duration: 3 Days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Exhibition Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

1. What is SheTrades Global and why should I attend?

SheTrades Global is the premier global business event to connect with export-ready women entrepreneurs, buyers, investors and partners. With a strong focus on business generation, investment and innovation, SheTrades Global is an opportunity of a lifetime to do business, get inspired, network and create new alliances with women entrepreneurs from around the world. The previous seven editions of SheTrades Global resulted in $80 million worth of commercial transaction agreements.


2. Do I need to pay to register?

No, registration to SheTrades Global is free of charge. 


3. Who can participate in SheTrades Global Dubai?

- Women Entrepreneurs working in an economy in transition/developing country (see list) or in the host country (UAE);

- Business Support Organisation; and

- Market Partners; 

For more information, click here


4. Will there be international buyers?



5. Who will be the buyers?

We expect national and international corporations, public sector, WEPs signatories, and aggregators. In addition, women entrepreneurs attending the event are also customers (in order to successfully run their business). This is the reason why we capture as part of the registration process what you are exporting (selling/offering) and importing (buying/looking for).


6. What is the difference between Buyers and Sellers in SheTrades Global context?



• A company that is not 30% women-owned, managed and controlled enterprises; and/or

• A company not domiciled in an economy in transition or developing country (see list) or the host country; and/or

• A company attending the event only to source, invest or do a joint venture with Women-Owned Businesses; and/or

• Companies attending to share their procurement practices with the Women-Owned Businesses.

• A company minimum 30% women-owned, managed and controlled enterprises;

• A company formally registered and incorporated;

• A company domiciled in an economy in transition or developing country (see list) or the host country.



7. Is it guaranteed that buyers/investors attending SheTrades Global will become future buyers/investors?

There is no guarantee.  It is a platform that links women entrepreneurs with potential buyers/investors.  We provide this space to promote and facilitate business opportunities, but the final decision is only the result of a negotiation between the parties (Women Entrepreneurs and Buyers/investors).


8. What can I do if I lose my password?

Click on this link, type your email and then click on "Recover Password". You will receive an email with instructions on how to recover your password. 


Women Entrepreneur FAQs

9. How do I know if I am eligible to participate? 

For women entrepreneur the following criteria apply:

- The company is at least 30% owned, managed and controlled by women;

- It is legally registered and incorporated company domiciled in an economy in transition/developing country or in the host country (UAE) 

-It is sustainable and/or has plans to incorporate sustainable practices. 


More information on criteria can be found on the link here.


10. What are the eligible countries for Women Entrepreneurs?

The company must be domiciled in a developing country or economy in transition (see list) or in the host country (UAE).


11. If my company is not domiciled in an economy in transition or developing country (see list above), can I still participate?

Yes, if you are interested to find new suppliers, you can attend as a buyer and register as “Market Partner”.


12. Is there a limitation to the size of the company?

There is no limit on company size/number of employees.  A company with one employee can participate as far as it meets the above criteria.  


13. I already pre-registered, what are the next steps? 

Once registration is open, you will receive an email to complete your profile. You will need to do that as soon as possible.

In the meantime, prepare the following documents to speed up your registration process:

- Participant's photo (JPG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG).

- A scan of the passport (JPG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG).

- A brief description of the company, including mission and vision.

- The company's sustainability report (if available)

- The company's total annual sales (in USD) in the past year.


14. Who will confirm or verify if the application is correct?

The responsibility is on the women entrepreneurs who applied and Business Support Organizations leading delegations of women entrepreneurs. All applicants should make sure that all the information is correct.


15. Who will confirm my participation?

Applications will be accepted from on a rolling basis. Only successful applicants will be notified by SheTrades Global organizers with details regarding the next steps, online training, additional information on the event, logistics and related opportunities. 


16. What are my responsibilities as a women entrepreneur attending SheTrades Global?

Women entrepreneurs are responsible for making the most out of it.

This event is intentionally developed to allow the exchange of knowledge among participants and create business opportunities before, during and after the event. 

We encourage women entrepreneurs participants to take the advantage of this space and not only depend on the agenda of the event but to meet people, make connections and learn from each other as much as they can.


17. Is there any exhibition or booth to sell my products during the event?

Yes, a selected group of women entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to exhibit their products/services within the exhibition area.  


Business Support Organizations (BSOs) FAQs

18. We wish to lead a delegation of women entrepreneurs to SheTrades Global Dubai. How can we register?

Registration for BSOs will open soon. For any question in the meantime, please email (subject: BSO-Name of BSO-Country)


Market Partners FAQs

19. Can I sponsor the event or a women delegation to SheTrades Global Dubai? 

If you wish to sponsor the event or a delegation of women entrepreneurs, please email (subject: Sponsorship-Name of institution-Country)


If you have any other questions, contact us at In the subject line, please include if you are a (women entrepreneur/BSO/market partner, country, company name)