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SheTrades Global Dubai will take place on 13,14 and 15 February 2022

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février 13 - 15, 2022
Durée: 3 jours
Dubai, Émirats arabes unis
Dubai Exhibition Center

SheTrades Global Hackathon

ITC SheTrades, the International Communications Union (ITU) and Dubai Industries and Exports invite you to apply to the SheTrades Global Hackathon for a Sustainable Future.

We are calling on the creatives, innovators and future thinkers around world to come together to take on the challenge of building a more sustainable and greener future.

Are you up for the challenge?

Participants are invited to hack the challenge: How can women entrepreneurs leverage technology to accelerate the transition to an inclusive and green economy?
 Deadline to apply: Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Submit your application here.


- Each team must be comprised of a minimum of three and maximum of five members

- Each team must have the participation of at least 1 woman (we encourage diversity through mixed teams of men, women and/or other gender identities)
 - Team members should have working proficiency in English
 - All team members must be located in the same country
 - One team member must be available to attend the on-site event in Dubai (17-19 October)– contingent on final selection*

*Cost of travel, visa, accommodation and on-site expenses will be paid by the participant.
 Applying teams must have members demonstrating the following skills:
   - Experience with mobile and web development
 - Experience with social-media APIs and web services
 - Understanding and knowledge of business culture
 - Understanding of challenges faced by women entrepreneurs
 - Knowledge of green economy
 Teams from the following countries are eligible to apply: Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Vietnam 

How will participants benefit?
   - Cash prize of $10,000
 - Recognition as the winner of the SheTrades Global Hackathon (press release, video interviews, social media etc.)
 - Engagement with ITC’s experts and technical team to integrate the solution on SheTrades online platform

- Receipt of meals on Day 1 and Day 2 and one free pass to Expo 2020 – limited for participants attending the on-site event

- Certificate of participation (signed by ITC and ITU’s Executive Directors) awarded to all teams
 - Opportunity to contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals

For more information visit the application page here, or contact the SheTrades Global team at 

A la recherche de financement ? Prenez un café virtuel avec les partenaires de SheTrades Invest!


Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer le lancement de la série de webinaires SheTrades Invest "Café virtuel avec les institutions financières", organisée en partenariat avec Accion International Partners, Access Bank, Fundación BBVA Microfinanzas, Heva Fund, Investisseurs & Partenaires, Opportunity Bank et SBM Bank.

Participez à une session de café virtuel avec les partenaires de SheTrades Invest pour:

  • S'informer sur les produits et services financiers disponibles pour les femmes;
  • S'informer sur les critères de prêt et/ou d'investissement;
  • Débloquez des fonds pour votre entreprise.

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Partenaire de SheTrades Invest


Audience Ciblée

21 Juillet

Investisseurs et Partenaires


Femmes en Afrique francophone

4 Août

Heva Fund


Femmes africaines dans les industries créatives et culturelles

18 Août

Access Bank


Femmes en Afrique

1er Septembre

SBM Bank


Inde, Kenya, Madagascar et Maurice

15 Septembre



Amérique Latine

29 Septembre

Accion International Partners


Nigeria et Ouganda

6 octobre

Opportunity Bank




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